Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Occupy San Diego Bans Black Friday

Occupy San Diego is calling for a holiday season filled with love, hope and gift-giving--mixed in with a little non-violent action.  That's right, you can show the world that you care, and it's as easy as not buying gifts from the corporate-controlled economy.  Join OSD on Black Friday to take our holiday season back from big business greed.

Members of the Occupy San Diego Art Committee have been busy little elves making gifts that you can give instead of buying slave labor junk from Walmart and Target.  Get a handmade sign or poster, tree decorations and other unique items for the Occupy members of your family or your friends.  OSD Arts will be in attendance on Black Friday.  A holiday schedule of where we'll be so you can shop for Occupy gifts is on its way!

Happy Holidays!
OSD Arts Committee

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  1. I know it can be challenging to Occupy Christmas with kids. What are we giving ours? Hand-made art including a painting of each of our kids. Songs written for each child, with an artbook of lyrics and pictures of them. Hand-knitted scarves and hats (made by our neighbor). What are your ideas on how to give, but not feed the 1% consumerism machine?